The Exercise Goal

Have Fun and Be Safe. It is not any more complicated than this. These two concepts have a positive correlative relationship on the overall success of any exercise program. That is, as the level of safety and enjoyment increase, so does the overall success of your exercise experiences. If we are having fun while being safe, then we are more likely to associate physical activity with success which will in-turn boost morale, self esteem, and will contribute to more consistent bouts of exercise. If this positive association continues to develop, then the we have an excellent tool in physical activity to combat against the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle that are often associated with adulthood.

If we are not having fun while remaining safe, then we are subtracting to the overall success of our exercise experiences. Does this mean that we need to force ourselves to have fun even if we are not? No. It is unrealistic to force anyone to have fun during exercise. Fortunately for us however, we were all children at some point and I guarantee you enjoyed moving and playing as a child if you don’t still enjoy it now. It’s my opinion that if you look deep enough you will find that inner child within yourself and you will be able to reconnect with him/her. Yes, we innately enjoy movement—especially with each other. It turns out humans are excellent movers, but as we get older sometimes it just takes a little more motivation to get started. Surely your kiddos are motivating you these days as you are reminded just how much energy they have in the tank on a daily basis. The next time your child asks you to play with them, I challenge you to say yes a little quicker, and with less hesitation. Children are excellent motivators— be sure to take advantage of this while they are still young and eager to move.